Please read FAQ's before applying below

1. How can I apply for a job a SJ Solutions Security & Protection Services Inc.?

To apply for a job with SJ Solutions, please follow these steps:

Search for jobs on
Select one of our current openings and click “Apply ”
Create your profile (your first Name, lastName, email address, and phone number is required)
Complete the application.

2. Can I apply in person?

All applicants must apply online at

3. What can expect once I apply for a job at SJ Solutions?

After you complete an online application with SJ Solutions, you will receive a notification via email confirming that your application is submitted and under review. You can expect telephone, email, and/or text message communications from our team, and you may receive an invitation to complete a telephone screening or an in-person interview.

4. Once I apply for a job at SJ Solutions can I check status of my application?

Once you have completed an application with SJ Solutions, you can log back into the career portal ( as a returning candidate and view your application status in real-time. We ask that you give us a least one business day to review your profile and assess your candidacy for the position applied.

5. Do I need a license to work as a Security Guard?

Many states license security guards, and some cities within them do. There are separate permits to carry a gun. Once you apply with SJ Solutions, our team will explain the licensing process to you.

6. Do I need a security license before I apply to be a Security Guard at SJ Solutions?

You do not need to have a security license up front in order to apply for a job at SJ Solutions. Once you have applied, our team will explain the licensing process and advise you on the most cost and time-efficient method of obtaining a license.

7. How much will I get paid as a Security Guard?

Pay for a security guard can vary by location, assignment, and level of experience.

8. Do I have to pass a Criminal Background Check to become a Security Guard?

When you apply for a security job in any state or city you can expect to have at least some background checks done on you before you are approved for a guard license. Background checks that are run when you apply as a security guard generally include fingerprint and criminal record checks.

9. How much does it cost to obtain a security license?

The cost of applying for a security license varies by state, city, and method of application. Once you apply with SJ Solutions, our team will recommend the most cost-efficient licensing process to you.

10. How long does it take to become a Security Guard?

The time that it takes for a security license application to clear depends on the state or city where you are applying, and your criminal record. In some states, you may work with a provisional security license. Other states mandate that you may not begin to work as a security guard until your license has cleared. Depending on where you wish to work, our team will be able to advise you on how quickly you can expect your guard license to clear, and when you can expect to begin working.

11. How long does the hiring and on-boarding process at SJ Solutions take?

The Hiring Process from start to finish can vary in length depending on the licensing process. SJ Solutions endeavors to expedite the hiring process whenever possible. The new hire orientation generally lasts 2-3 hours and takes place at the local branch office. Please stay connected with the hiring manager or recruiter for additional details on new hire orientation.

12. Is SJ Solutions Security & Protection Services INC verified?

SJ Solutions Security and Protection Services, Inc. (S.J.S.) is a Certified MBE firm with the City & State of New York as well as PANY/NJ. Founded in 2011, SJ Solutions Security and Protection Services Inc. has taken a leading role in providing Security, Fire Watch, Concierge, Loss Prevention, Personal Protection, and other security/ surveillance services.

13. Do I need to purchase my uniform?

SJ Solutions provides your uniform to you, except for socks. During your new hire orientation, HR takes your uniform measurements, and uniform items are issued to you. The number of items issued depends on whether you are working full time or part time.

14. How soon after I’m hired at SJ Solutions am I able to apply for promotional opportunities?

A- We encourage our employees to work with their managers to develop an individual guide to identify their career goals and map out a plan for working toward that goal. Activities may include seeking on-the-job training opportunities, classroom/online training at SJ Solutions, self-development, and outside activities that will enhance skills and experience to prepare the employee to take the next career step.

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